Bubble Bath
May 12, 2022

Bubble Bath (by: 420 Kingdom)

Bubble Bath (by: 420 Kingdom)

Bubble Bath
Breeder: LIT Farms
Cultivator: 420 Kingdom
Genetics: Soap x Project 4516
Find it at: Flora Verde

When it comes to Flora Verde, they know gas. I know that I can always rely on them to recommend something that is always right up my alley. Therefore, when they said I needed to try this Bubble Bath, I made sure I got the Bubble Bath. The look on the bud tenders face as they recommended it is what really sold me. You would have thought Santa came through and handed him that pack himself. As I opened the display pack, I knew this was going to be one of my favorite. And if I got that vibe from the display, I knew the fresh pack I had in my bag was going to be fire. Sooo, Lets talk about it.

Looks & Presentation

Right out the gate I gave this strain a 5. The looks and presentation were stellar. I loved the jar, the design on the jar and the gold lit was an eye catcher for sure. The jar was very intricate but it was what was inside the jar that was the real treasure. As I flipped the jar over, what I was staring at felt like diamonds. There were three nice sized but that were embedded in trichomes. The trichomes were so glossy, the weed almost looked fake. The blend of light and dark green plus the vivid purple are what really caught my attention. It is safe to say that the jar matched what it contained inside and this wasn’t just another Cali brand that had nice packaging.

Bubble Bath
Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Smell & Freshness

Smell wise, this was a jar of heaven. What was inside smelled just like the strain Mintz. Which has a smell thats indescribable. It’s one of those if you know you know strains. If you think it smells anything like the herb, I can understand why. However, the two smell nothing alike. To be honest, the Mintz strain is one of my favorite strains out there. Taking my personal feelings away, I truly believe you would like the smell of this strain as well. If I could explain the smell in one word it would be smooth.


As far as the taste, it was mainly creamy with a touch of Mintz. The smoke was so smooth it was lethal. It was way too easy to take a hit much larger than you normally would. The way the Mintz flavor complimented the creamy terps was an absolute treat. Imagine a donut but without the glaze. Just a plain donut made from the best dough recipe ever created. The taste definitely earned its 5.


I really enjoyed the high. It was more relaxing than anything. I can’t say it was what I was expecting. However, it did get the job done and I did have a great experience with it. Would I buy is again? You bet I would. I also recommend you add it to your list of must tries.

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