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Oct 31, 2021

Coma (by: Tru|Med)

Coma (by: Tru|Med)

Genetics: Ghost OG x Skywalker x SFV OG
Breeder: Jungle Boys
Cultivator: Tru|Med
Find it at: Tru|Med

I really feel that this Coma can become a game changer in the Arizona cannabis market. Especially, since majority of the market consists of sweet and fruity strains. The unlikeliness of finding an OG or strains alike at the dispensary is too high in my opinion. However, introduce this Coma to the market and we might see the trend change. Sooo, let’s talk about this brilliant trifecta bred by the Jungle Boys.

Coma bred by Jungle Boys
Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Looks and Presentation

As you are looking at this strain, you are probably thinking to yourself that it is nothing special. However, if you know then you know, and I knew the moment I saw this strain in the packaging it was something special. The buds were dense and super chunky. It was a beautiful shade of green that you only get from an OG Kush. You could actually see the residue from the terps on the window of the bag. I would be crazy to not give this strain a 5 in the looks and presentation category. This was one of those strains that deserves the “pretty” packaging.

Smell and Freshness

Things only got better as I removed the buds from the packaging. For as dense as the buds looked, they were actually pretty soft. They weren’t that easy to break down and thats only because they were sticker than any other strain I have ever reviewed. The smell was magnificent! It had the scent of a true classic OG Kush that only magnified once I broke the buds down. The smell was so pungent, it made my soul tingle. I haven’t felt that feeling for quite some time. It was nostalgic and made me appreciate everything about OG Kush a little more. There was no reason I could not give the Coma a 5 in the smell and freshness category.


The taste was everything I could ask for. It had the exact same terpene profile that OG Kush has but, 10x stronger than the average OG. I wasn’t even three hits in yet, it tasted as if I was halfway through. Once I did reach the halfway mark, the flavor was in full force. Every hit I took was full of flavor. It was like eating that mouth watering cheeseburger you’ve been craving for weeks. The flavor stayed on my taste buds long after the blunt was done and I wanted more. The flavor was well deserving of a 5. It was so good I would definitely go back for seconds and thirds.


I fell all the way in love with this strain once the high kicked in, and that did not take long. Every hit from the moment I sparked the blunt was followed by a series of coughs. It was as if my lungs were picked up and shook around like a rag doll. I enjoyed it however, because I knew the weed was doing its job. You know what they say, “You don’t smoke unless you choke.” Once the coughing frenzy was over, my body went into a deep state of relaxation. My mind was more than at ease and before I knew it, I had the ultimate case of couch lock and the munchies. You best believe that I slept like a baby once I ate all the snacks out the pantry. The high was definitely more than deserving of its 5.

As an avid cannabis user, this is everything I look for from a cannabis strain. I have nothing against whats on the market now, in fact some of those strains have made their way onto my top 10 list. However, there should be more strains like this Coma on the shelves. I am hoping that this strain makes a positive impact on the market and brings us something different strain wise. I am curious to hear your take on the Coma if you’ve had it. Feel free to reach out via Instagram with any questions comments or concerns.

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