Dec 6, 2021

E85 (by: Flavors)

E85 (by: Flavors)

E85 up title photo
Genetics: Wedding Cake x Project 4516 (allegedly)
Breeder: Grandiflora Genetics
Cultivator: Flavors
Find it at: TBD

E85 has been on my radar since Grandiflora first introduced her to the world. The moment this strain crossed my timeline via Instagram, I promised myself that I would get my hands on it. Now, I don’t know if this is a product of white labeling, mislabeling or false advertisement. However, this strain did not live up to the hype it was surrounded by. As a matter of fact, it honestly did not even meet my expectations at all. Sooo, let’s talk about it!

Photo courtesy of: Cookies Enterprise

Looks and Presentation

As I opened the packaging and got my first glance, I was instantly let down. What I was looking at was nothing like what I saw on social media regarding this strain. From the colors and trichomes all the way down to the bud structure, this strain did not possess any of the physical features I was expecting to see. This was one of the main reasons I felt this strain was either white or mislabeled. There was no way I could give this batch any higher than a 3 in the looks and presentation category.

Smell and Freshness

The smell this strain gave off wasn’t pleasant at all. The flower smelled old but what made me the most upset, was the fact that this batch smelled like outdoor. Not only was this strain advertised as indoor but this is E85 we are talking about. For a strain that is supposed to be a Wedding Cake and Project 4516 cross, there were no traces of neither. I mean, it possessed the most subtle hints of sweetness. I couldn’t help but wish I had never made that purchase. The smell and freshness earned no more than 1.5 if that.


It took a little while for the flavor to even become noticeable. When I say a while I mean a WHILE, the blunt was well over half way done before I got my first hint of any flavor. As soon as it came into play I noticed that it was slightly sweet. It had tropical/ tangie vibe to it. Not my favorite when it comes to terpenes however, it was better than nothing. If the blunt continued down the flavorless road then this would have been the first strain to get a 0 in the flavor category. However, seeing as the smallest hint of flavor was detected I decided that I could at least give this batch a 1 in the flavor department.

Photo by: Jordyn Yates


I won’t lie, even after the experience I had with this batch in the previous categories I was hoping for things to turn around in the high category. With my hopes higher than Snoop Dog, I made sure to judge every hit I took just so I didn’t miss anything. The high started off being little to non existent. As time passed and I made my way down the blunt, I started to slightly notice a difference in the way I was feeling physically and mentally. The change wasn’t too significant but again it was noticeable. It left me wanting more when I finished but I did not NEED more, if that makes sense. Meaning, it was good enough to give me a buzz but wasn’t good enough to match the price point it was at. All in all, I would honestly give the high a 2.

I hope now you can see why I made the assumptions I did. If there is one thing I do know, it’s Grandiflora’s Genetics and this was not them. I do not know too much about Flavors but, after this encounter i would not consider them a reputable brand. Now I am sure they have tons of strains that could make up for this fumble. However, first impressions are everything to me. If you can’t at least get me interested my first go, then there’s a chance I will not give you another try. Who knows, things might change down the road.

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