Feb 1, 2023

Exstax: Stackable Cartridges

Exstax: Stackable Cartridges

Stax on Stax

What Exstax has done with there stackable cartridges is pretty awesome. The idea of being able to use two different strained cartridges is a golden one. Who would have thought that stackable cartridges would ever be a thing? Like every new product that hits the market, there is definitely some room for improvement. So, lets’s talk about this new cart tech brought to us by Exstax.

Live Resin Cartridges

Distillate Cartridge

Unlike most vape brands on the market, Exstax fills theirs cartridges with live resin. According to Leafly, “By definition, live resin is a more malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere between a wax and a sauce—not quite like taffy yet not too wet. It is typically dark yellow in color but can vary from light yellow to white.” I can not say I have too much experience with live resin. However, I can say that unlike distillate, live resin packs more a punch in both the flavor and high. Which, was the case of the live resin Exstax sourced from Glorious Extracts. It packed a decent punch and, the flavor was pretty decent.

Exstax Branded Vape Battery

Stax on Stax

As I mentioned earlier, the coolest thing about this entire setup is the fact that you can stack your cartridges. Seeing as the live resin lacks a little flavor, stacking two carts on top of each other can counter that. I bought four different strains. GMO Cookies, Starkiller, Jet Fuel OG and the Family Cookies. My favorite combination out of the many possibilities was the GMO x Starkiller. The mix of the GMO and OG terpenes were mouthwatering to say the least. High wise, it was good enough to get me lifted but keep me grounded at the same time.

Extax 500mg distillate Cartridges


As I said before, with new tech always comes room for improvement. I wouldn’t say that this product was flawless. However, I can say that they are off to a great start. The areas I felt could use some improvement are first and foremost, the size. When you stack the cartridges on top of the Exstax battery, it tends to be a little long and can stick out of your pocket. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the cartridges filled with rosin. I truly believe that would combat the shortage of the flavor. That with the combination of a smaller battery would be a home run.


For someone who is not a HUGE fan of concentrates, I can not lie, these carts are not too shabby. Although I can not give them the Gas Pass. I would say that if you are someone who loves your vape pens, these are worth the buy. I truly feel that with a few tweaks here and there that this product could definitely earn its Gas Pass. Until then, grab yourself a couple of carts and give them a try for yourself.

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