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Dec 11, 2020

Galactic Gas (by: Alien Labs)

Galactic Gas (by: Alien Labs)

Galactic Gas
Galactic Gas photo by: Jordyn Yates

What a time for Arizona cannabis. The very popular California based brand, Alien Labs has made its arrival in the valley. The launch consisted of 3 strains and a whole lot of swag. This was my first time actually waiting outside the dispensary before store hours. I had a blast standing in line and mingling with all my fellow stoners. To not only see but hear the excitement that was coming spewing form their mouths. I could tell just by the vibe, that this was a huge deal for the AZ cannabis. I was ecstatic and ready to see if this launch was really worth the hype. I made sure to grab all three strains and chose to try out the Galactic Gas first.

The Galactic Gas by far was my favorite from the launch. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Its most memorable feature in my opinion was the flavor. The high it produced was also something new. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t say it was new. I just have not felt that high in quite some time. Check out the full review in the video below. Remember that you can always provide feedback and make any suggestions through our social media. We also ask that you please subscribe to our channel for more videos like these.

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