Jul 23, 2022

Germinating – Growing with Young Hippy

Germinating – Growing with Young Hippy

Ursula by: Bloom Seed Co
Germinated 7/21/2022

Trust the Process

Hey everyone! If you are here, then you must be getting ready to do some germinating. Or, you are here to get some tips and tricks. Either way, I am glad you’re here and have shown some interest in growing your own cannabis. It has been a while since the last grow but I am back and better than ever. In this article, I am going to share with you my trustworthy germination process. Since this tech was shared with me, I have not gone back to the traditional seed and paper towel method. I have found that this germinating process works wonders for me and others that have tried it.

A Cup and Some Water

For this germinating tech you will need 3 to 4 items, with the fourth one being optional. The must haves are a cup, some water (tap or bottled) and your seeds. If you have a seedling heating pad, feel free to use that as well. Start off by labeling the cups with at least the strain name and date of germinating. I like to take it a step further sometimes and write the time of germination as well. Once you have all your cups labeled, go ahead and place the seeds in the cup. From there you want to fill the cups up about a third of the way with your water. If you decided to use less water than that, be sure to count for some of your watering being lost to evaporation.

Set it and Try Not to Forget it

Once you have all your cups filled with water and seeds, go ahead and place them in a dark area. If your seeds have not sunk within 24 hours of adding the water, feel free to give them a little tap. From there, they should sink to the bottom of the cup. You also may notice some of the seeds starting to open up and expose that tap root. You can go ahead and plant the seeds from there. However, I like to give it at least 48 hours of germinating until I even begin to think about planting the seeds. One of the key indicators that your seed is ready for planting is the tap root. That baby should at least be 1/4 – 1/2 inch long before it hits the soil.

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