Sep 17, 2021

GMO Pt. 2 (by: Zenoa Cannabis )

GMO Pt. 2 (by: Zenoa Cannabis )

Genetics: Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies
Breeder: Mamiko Seeds
Cultivator: Zenoa Cannabis
Find it at: TBD

After trying GMO grown by multiple cultivars, it easily made its way into my top 5. There once was a time where Tru Infusion had the best GMO I ever had. I tried so hard to find another GMO that was similar to theirs. However, with my luck I was unsuccessful. That was until I made my way to Oklahoma. It was the first time I had ever been to the state. I was unfamiliar with their cannabis scene and honestly did not expect too much from it. The moment we were picked up from the airport, there was already weed waiting for us in the car. As soon as I popped the tube open, all my expectation went out the window. Sooo, let’s talk about this GMO cultivated by Zenoa Cannabis.

Looks and Presentation

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Presentation wise, GMO is the total package. Its buds are mainly light green in color. Hover, you can sometimes get phenos that have small hints of purple. What impresses me the most about this strain is the size of the colas it can produce. That and the never ending sea of trichomes that cover the buds surface. The folks over there at Zenoa crushed this run. I couldn’t be more pleased as a consumer with the way this run turned out. It was extremely frosty and the colors were vibrant. They managed to get some purple out of this pheno as well which, is always a plus. A definite 5 in the looks and presentation category.


If you’re like me, then you know exactly why I fell in love with GMO. Smell wise, I feel you can’t compare this strain to any other strain out there. It smells like a clove of garlic thats been dipped in gas. This GMO from Zenoa smelled exactly like that. Except, theirs was on another level, this came before I broke it down. Once I broke the buds down, I was instantly blown away by the funk it let out. The level of the smell definitely turned up more than a few notches. If I could score it any higher than a 5 I would. It was so strong, I could taste it as I smelled it.


The first half of the blunt was smooth, literally. It was creamy on the inhale but, not the sweet cream. It was more of a savory cream. When I exhaled I was able to notice subtle hints of garlic. I kind of felt let down, until I reached the halfway mark. It was then I got a heavy kick of gas and garlic. The flavor was so thick it stained my taste buds. It felt as if I was still smoking the blunt hours after it was gone. Flavor wise, this was GMO at its best and the 5 it received was well deserved.


The high was instantaneous. From the moment I sparked the blunt until I reached halfway I was high. Beyond the halfway point, I lost track of basically everything. The high was in full effect and I was at its mercy (in a good way). Before my experience, the only time I could recall being as high as I was, was when I smoked for the first time. The euphoric feeling you get from that is one of a kind. Giving this strain a 5 in the high category makes more than sense.

I can truthfully say that the GMO from Zenoa is the best I have ever tried. Just when I though GMO couldn’t get any better, they quickly changed my mind. Not only was I impressed by what Zenoa was pumping out but, other grows in Oklahoma as well. It took me one visit to realize that they had some potential in the industry. After going back and visiting several times after that, I can say that Oklahoma has some of the best weed on the market. If you are ever in the state be sure to check out anything from Zenoa. They really know how to grow some high quality cannabis over there.

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