Sep 4, 2021

Headstash #9 (by: Tru|Med)

Headstash #9 (by: Tru|Med)

Headstash #9
Genetics: Pre16 Headstash x Biker Kush
Breeder: Karma Genetics
Cultivator: Tru|Med
Find it at: Tru|Med

The Headstash #9 is arguably one of the best strains to come out of Tru|Med. You would think that by now the market would have balanced itself out and we would start to see the high quality flower we were all accustomed to almost a year ago. I know a lot of us are tired of overpaying for mid tier flower as well but thats another discussion for another time. For this review, I want to take you on a trip down memory lane with me as I talk about this Headstash that Tru|Med grew some time ago. Sooo, let’s talk about it!

Looks and Presentation

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Headstash is the product of taking Pre16 Headstash and crossing it with Biker Kush and was bred by Karma Genetics. Before this one, the only strain that really amazed me when I first laid eyes on it was the MAC from Capulator. I mean just look at how perfectly this strain was grown. The buds alone could have gotten this strain its Gas Pass. The way the trichomes blanketed the buds made them look as if they were diamond dusted. The combination of the dark purple buds, bright orange hairs and diamond like trichomes made this more like a piece of art, apposed to something I was suppose to break down and smoke. If there was any strain more deserving of a 5 in the presentation category then I strongly feel that this Headstash is the one.

Smell and Freshness

As I opened the bag I was immediately slapped in the face by the nose tingling smell of gas. It was literally like opening a gas can with how strong the notes were. You can bet that my entire house smelled like a Circle K parking lot. Even after breaking down, it was pure gas with a touch of sweetness. Along with the smell, the freshness was on point as well. The hang time was marvelous, meaning the buds were sticky but not too sticky. I don’t think there has been a blunt before and even after, that I rolled faster than this one. This was one of those strain I wished came rolled up in a Backwood already so I can get right down to business. Another solid 5 but in the smell and freshness category.


Things just kept on getting better as I continued the process. Seeing as the smell was out of this world, I was expecting no less from the flavor department, and it delivered. From the spark it was extremely kushy on the inhale, like the OG type of kushy. As I exhaled I got a sweet flavor that reminded me of gummy bears, the red one to be exact. I could feel my taste buds doing their happy dance with each hit I took. Trying to keep the saliva this strain produced in my mouth, was a task on its own. As I got to the end, this strain had one more surprise for me. It was the addition of the sweetest cream terps I have come across to this date. It was the type of sweet cream you would flavor your coffee with but not the hazelnut kind. It was more of like a vanilla or white chocolate kind of sweet, either way it was great enough to earn another 5.

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates


I don’t think I would have loved this strain as much as I did, if it did not come with the high it did. Holy cow, when I tell you I was high that’s an understatement. I can’t say that I have not experienced that kind of high before or even after I smoked this. However, it was refreshing and the fact that it had me contemplating on if I have ever been that high before just meant it was doing its job. From the spark this strain was man handling every bit of my lungs. I don’t think there was one time I hit the blunt and did not almost die from coughing. If you plan on getting stuff done after consuming this strain, I would go ahead and save it for another time because you are not getting anything done after you encounter with this strain. This was an absolute home run from Tru and I hope and pray they bring it back to the shelf.

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