Oct 10, 2021

Iverson ’96 (by: Viola Cannabis)

Iverson ’96 (by: Viola Cannabis)

Iverson ’96
Genetics: Grape Pie x Secret Kush Mints
Breeder: Viola
Cultivator: Viola
Find it at: TBD

I can’t even explain the hype surrounding this launch. From the time Viola announced this collaboration to the time it actually dropped felt like a decade. However, I must say it was more than worth the hype. I got to meet one of my all time favorite basketball players, and smoke his weed. Dare I say it was probably some fo the best weed to hit the shelves this year. Sooo, let’s get into this Grape Pie and Secret Kush Mints cross from the GOAT himself.

Looks and Presentation

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Not saying that all great weed must come in fancy packaging but, it does add a little something something to the final product. I honestly think this is Viola’s first time using a mylar bag for their cannabis. I usually see it in a purple glass jar when I am in town. I am definitely not mad at the mylar however, not when it’s done the way they did it. The flower inside the packaging was a masterpiece as well. The buds were chunky and dense with a beautiful and frosty glow to them. The purples on the buds matched the bag which stood out behind the fire orange hairs. This was no doubt a 5 in the looks and presentation category.

Smell and Freshness

The smell this flower had was marvelous. Either I was imagning it or you could smell this stuff through the mylar bag. Actually, it was the moment the seal was broken. The smell of gasoline and sugar lightly stained the air. Once the bag was opened all the way, that little eighth smelled like a whole pound. What it reminded me of was Kush Mints on steroids. Technically it was Kush Mints on steroids if you think about the lineage. Either way the smell was amazing and well deserving of its 5.


From the moment I lit the blunt it had a sweet grape like taste to it. The smoke was smooth which led to me hitting the blunt a little harder than usual. After a while, the blunt had more of a creamy taste on the inhale. The grape terps were now a finish and mainly noticeable when you exhaled the smoke. By the time I finished both the creamy and grape terps were evenly balanced. I could taste the two long after the blunt was finished which made me want more of this strain. It was too easy to give this strain a 5 in the flavor category.

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates


It seemed like I was high as soon as I took my first hit and not just a little high. It felt like I already smoked at least half the blunt and I literally took one hit. The high started in the head and by the time I finished it felt like I was covered by a warm fuzzy blanket. I was so high that this was the first blunt I ever put out before finishing. It had me pacing the house and my creative juices flowing. I could honestly say that this is the best weed I have smoked this year. If I were to encourage you to try anything we have ever reviewed here on the Gas Pass, it would be the Iverson for sure. This is a must try and once you do your lungs will be more than thankful.

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