Sep 14, 2021

Mac and Cheese V.2 (by: Young Hippy)

Mac and Cheese V.2 (by: Young Hippy)

Mac and Cheese
Genetics: MAC x Alien Cheese
Breeder: Capulator
Cultivator: Young Hippy
Find it at: Home Grower

I know what you are thinking. How is this guy going to write a review on his own weed? I know it seems biased from the outside looking in. However, one thing I pride myself in is being absolutely truthful on these reviews, no matter who grew it. Also, the reason for the Gas Pass seshes is for me to collect and present the data pertaining to the strain provided. This last sesh the Mac and Cheese was one of a few strains to be tested. The information I am about to provide comes from mine and those who attended the seshes observations. Sooo, let’s talk about the Mac and Cheese I took a second shot at growing.

Looks and Presentation

Looks wise, this strain was a beauty. The buds were extremely light green with bright orange hairs randomly growing from them. The coating of the trichomes was nice and heavy. They were massive in size and crystal clear which made them easily visible to the naked eye. A lot of people commonly used beautiful to describe its physical features. As the person who personally grew the strain I would say that I could have done better with the trim. That would be my only negative take away from this run. For that I give the strain a 4 in the looks and presentation category.

Smell and Freshness

Smell wise this one wasn’t my favorite. It the smell of sativa, which generally smells like citrus or pine. All personal feelings aside, the smell was pretty robust. It was one you could for sure smell in the bag with minimal effort. Once I broke it down, I started to notice some fragrances related to MAC. Not the sweet and fruity one but it was the musty ones that came into play. Even though I was not a fan of the smells this strain gave, I was still proud of myself on how present the smell was. I can fairly say that this strain was well deserving of a 4.5 in that category.


The high was the highlight for me. It left my head feeling hazy but not to the point to where I couldn’t think. I definitely could say it had sativa hybrid affects to it. After smoking it I feel high but its not a high that has me wanting sit down and relax. At the same time it didn’t leave me feeling all jittery and wired. I actually feel this may be the perfect daytime strain. One person referred to it as the, “Hippity Skippity” and another said this was one of the best strains I have grown. Although, I truly appreciate the kind words, I know for a fact there is plenty of room for improvement. However, I can safely give this strain a 4 in the high category.

It is safe to say that this run barely skated by with the Gas Pass, at least in my opinion. I am just glad that everyone that i let try it was really pleased with it. Not that I needed it but, you guys motivate me to continue on perfecting the craft. I can’t wait to share with some of you what I am working on right now. Until then keep a look out as I am bringing the grow series back.

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