Oct 8, 2021

Paris OG (Abstakt Extracts)

Paris OG (Abstakt Extracts)

Paris OG Distilate Cartridge

Due to frequent requests, I decided it was time to add products other than flower to the Gas Pass. With that being said I felt it was the perfect time to dabble into the cart market and see whats new. Luckily, I didn’t have to look any further than the Cannabis Cactus headquarters. I luckily decided to show up the same day the owners of G3 and Abstrakt were present. The owner of Abstakt was kind enough to give me one of these to see what I thought about it. Sooo, let’s talk about this Paris OG distillate cartridge!

Looks and Presentation

If you are someone that prefers to medicate with cartridges over anything else, what is it that gravitates you towards the cartridge you decide to buy? Is it the packaging, the extractor or the quality of the product its self? I will admit that if this cartridge was not given to me it would have at least caught my attention. The packaging design made it stick out like a sore thumb as it sat on the shelf. Contents wise, I could not ask for better looking distillate. It was nice and gold in color and contained no air bubbles. I can easily give it a 5 in the looks and presentation category.

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Taste and Freshness

I would say that one of the main things we look for in a cart, is one that tastes great. I don’t really know how I felt about the taste of this Paris OG. As I hit the pen, the first thing I noticed was how artificial the terps tasted. Even though, it had an artificial taste it still tasted somewhat like weed. Can I say it tasted like an OG no but it did have the piney kush flavor to it. Other than that, there wasn’t anything else that really stood out to me in the flavor department. I could safely give this cart a 4 in the flavor category.


As far as the high, I would have to say this one gets the pass. I coughed with every hit and felt high after one puff. It was an instant attack my head and it stayed there. It did come with a full load of the terp sneezes but other than that, it was smooth. I really enjoyed it for it being distillate. I am sure for the cart lovers out there, this brand may do wonders for you as well. Give them a try and let them know the Hippys sent you.

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