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Jul 12, 2021

Sesh at Kiss Pollos (Pt.1)

Sesh at Kiss Pollos (Pt.1)

Photo taken by: Skylar Brandt

The Gas Pass Sesh was created with hopes to inspire those who attend to try their hand in producing some of the medicated goods they have grown to love. We gathered a couple of our favorite home growers along with Rosin Bell (AZ’s Rosin Queen) to create a smoke sesh like no other. Located at Kiss Pollos which is one of the best chicken spots in the heart of Phoenix, not only was it a time to inspire but a moment to provide true unbiased feedback on the products the attendees were given to test out. There was rosin, edibles, and a whole bunch of weed sooo, let’s talk about it!


First up, we have the I95. I95 was grown by Pakalolo and is a Hybrid cross between Triangle Kush and Legend OG x Stardawg. This and the wedding cake were a couple of my favorites from him. It has a really nice gassy profile with the slightest touch of kush and pine for scents. Its official Gas Pass scores were 3 for looks, 4 for freshness, 3.5 for smell and a 4 for the high. With the average score of 3.6, it saddens me to say that this strain did not earn its Gas Pass. Based on the comments, I am assuming it was due to the fact that the smoke was just a little too harsh, based on this attendee who tried theirs in a joint. On the flip side, one attendee said the head high was good and clean and the buds were sticky. 

MAC and Cheese

Next up, is the MAC and Cheese which was grown by myself (Young Hippy). MAC and Cheese is a cross between MAC 1 and Alien Cheese. Now I will not lie, I myself was not a fan of the MAC and Cheese. There were no signs of MAC and the strain smelled and tasted like sativa. Its official Gas Pass scores were 2.5 for the looks, 3 for the freshness, and a 3.5 for the smell. Due to its average score of 3 the MAC and Cheese did not earn its Gas Pass. I expected that and am already working on the next batch. What I did not expect were the comments. A lot of the attendees with the exception of one said the smoke was smooth. They also said they enjoyed the high and it did not produce the type of sativa high that left you paranoid. 

Obama Runtz #3

Obama Runtz #3 is next and was one of two crowd favorites. Grown by myself (Young Hippy). Obama Runtz #3 is a cross between Obama Kush and Runtz. It was the third out of three plants, and I can not lie this was my favorite strains out of everything I grew. The high was great but for sure, had room for improvement. I was more impressed by the smell and the presentation myself but let’s take a look at the scores. For the looks it scored a 3.8, the freshness a 3.7 and the smell a 4. With an official score of  3.8 the Obama Runtz #3 did not earn its Gas Pass. However, it does make me happy that the attendees, however, enjoyed this one. To the one attendee who said it needs work, I definitely agree and already have round two five weeks into flower. 


Last but definitely not least is Luci. Luci, without a doubt, was the star of the show. She was the one to not only receive its Gas Pass but, get a perfect score as well. There wasn’t  too much feedback for this strain. I assume it’s either because this group was extremely high or this strain was grown so perfect that it could not be improved. I guess the 5’s across the board should speak for themselves. Either way, great job to Pakalolo who is the cultivar of this strain. It is also because of Pak that the Gas Pass sesh’s are set up the way they are so I want to thank him for that. 

All in all we achieved what we set out to do. We got a group of some of the most amazing people together and smoked them out on products we created ourselves and got the feedback we were looking for. Not only that, but we gave away things like flower, rosin, a hash pipe and a grow tent which all but the tent were created locally. We got to introduce one of the best local food spots in Arizona to a ton of people. At the end of the night I hope every person that was in attendance was inspired in some way, shape or form. If you did not get to attend this Gas Pass sesh then do not worry, this is only the beginning. 

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