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Aug 15, 2022

Sour Strawberry Pie (by Gas Pump Farms)

Sour Strawberry Pie (by Gas Pump Farms)

Sour Strawberry Kush x Grape Pie
Breeder: Canarado
Cultivator: Gas Pump Farms
Find It At: Nirvana Center

Sour Strawberry Pie #7

Sour Strawberry Pie #7 is a “sativa” lovers dream. It is a cross between Strawberry Kush and Grape Pie. The strain is full of flavor, it produces a very smooth smoke and the high leaves you on the fuzzy side. For a guy like me who is not a fan of “sativas”, the Pie impressed me. Sooo, let’s talk about it, shall we?

Looks & Presentation

I could tell this strain was special when I laid my eyes on it. Like dew on the grass, the trichomes shimmered as the light touched them. And every inch of the buds were coated in them. Below that thick coat were hues of light purple with a touch of avocado green. The fact that Gas Pump Farms puts their flower in a clear jar is a plus as well. The structure of the buds impressed me as well. This strain definitely earned a 5 in the looks and presentation category.

Smell & Freshness

Sour Strawberry Pie #7

As I opened the jar, the nose was not as potent as one would imagine. All I could smell was the sour and it was very faint but, I knew not to panic. As I started to break the buds down, I noticed they were a tad but dry. However, the smell did improve. It didn’t only get stronger but I was also getting notes of strawberry. The smell of sour and strawberry was quite unique and got the taste buds watering. I was actually looking forward to smoking it. Score wise, I had to give it a 4 out of 5 due to its lack of freshness.


From the moment I sparked the blunt, those strawberry terps came out strong. The combination of the blunt and weed smoke took me down memory lane. It reminded me of those strawberry cream life savers. My buddy said it gave him cereal milk vibes, Fruity Pebbles to be exact. As I exhaled the smoke, I was able to pick up on the sour terpenes. Seeing as I am not a huge fan of the sour terps, I appreciated that they were more on the backend. It definitely made for a good smoke and I felt it definitely deserved a 5 in the flavor category.

Gas or Pass

After going through and checking the scores, I can confidently give this strain its Gas Pass. Even with the one 4, it still met the criteria to get its stamp. Most importantly, I truly enjoyed my experience before, during and after I smoked this strain. For a “sativa” I am highly impressed and wouldn’t mind smoking it again. I highly recommend getting your hands on this one if you love your “sativas”

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