Sundae Driver
Feb 11, 2022

Sundae Driver (by: Cannamo Concepts)

Sundae Driver (by: Cannamo Concepts)

Sundae Driver
Genetics: Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie
Breeder: Cannarado Genetics
Culitvator: Cannamo Concepts
Find it at: Ponderosa

If you have yet to try the Sundae Driver strain, can you even call yourself a smoker? Ok that was a little harsh seeing as cannabis is just now starting to be “accepted” around the country. I understand that with that comes a giant wave of new stoners. Therefore, I will rephrase that last statement. If you have yet to try this strain, drop everything you’re doing and hunt her down. I promise you, it is worth the effort you put in. Let’s talk about why shall we?

Sundae Driver by Cannamo
Sundae Driver photo by: Jordyn Yates

Looks & Presentation

I can’t recall a time I have come across a bad batch of Sundae Driver. Either every cultivar executed their run or, this strain is extremely hard to mess up. Whatever the case may be, salute to all the grows who have put out a round of this strain that I have smoked. However, this article is about the Driver that Cannamo Concepts put out. As I started to dismantle the buds, it almost felt like a crime. I felt like I was destroying the most magnificent piece of art. The blanket of trichomes that covered the buds stuck out like a sore thumb. While the jungle of fire orange hairs really complimented the vibrant light greens. All in all I could confidently give this run a 5 out of 5 in the looks and presentation category.

Smell & Freshness

I believe there is only one difference between the Cannamo flower and the Copper Top flower. If I am not mistaken, that only difference is Cannamo comes pre-packaged where as the Copper Top flower is weighed out in front of you. That being said, I could understand why the smell of the flower wasn’t as strong as I was hoping it would be when I first opened the package. It had a very light and creamy essence that reminded me of toasted hazelnuts. As I broke it down, there was a light hint of grape terpenes with a touch of pungent and gassy notes. Smell and freshness wise, I can give this strain a 4 out of 5 in this category.

Sundae Driver by: Jordyn Yates


If there was one feature that I felt could have been better, it was the taste. I am not saying the flavor of this strain was terrible or bad in the slightest way. All I am saying is that the flavor was not as strong as the smell nor was it as strong as previous encounters with this strain. The most I got flavor wise were slight hints of cream. There were no grape or gas terps present, at least none that I could notice. Even as I got closer to the finish, the flavor was still just mild to say the least. All that being said, I could only give this strain a 3 in the flavor category.


Sundae Driver photo by: Jordyn Yates

What this strain lacked in flavor it made up for in potency. Before I even hit the midway point I was “smacked”. My head felt spacey but my spirit was full of life. I felt a sudden rush of creativity flowing through my veins. I do not recall being this high off this strain before but, I was loving how this batch was making me feel. High wise, I have to say that this batch produced the best high I have ever experienced from this strain. I can for sure give the high a 5 out of 5. With the flavor being the only low score coming in at a 3, I can still confidently give this batch its pass.

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