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Jul 17, 2020

A Flora Verde Story

A Flora Verde Story

On this episode of the Gas Pass, we sat down with the owners of the Flora Verde Dispensary. Jake and Justin were kind enough discuss with us the differences between our market and theirs. Arizona is still a medical only state where as California adopted the recreational program. Our goal for this interview was to learn as much as we could about their recreational market. The purpose for that was to somewhat get an idea on what we could expect once Arizona goes recreational. We also learned a lot about Flora Verde as a shop and what they provide the city of Vista. If you aren’t familiar with the recreational laws pertaining to California this episode is definitely for you. Through this episode, we were also able to find a new dispensary that we shop at any time we are in California.

Falling in love with Flora Verde was too easy. Their brand/product selections felt endless. Their customer service is top notch and every budtender was highly knowledgeable on all the products on their shelves. When shopping at Flora Verde they don’t just make you feel like a customer, they make you feel like family. Tune in and get familiar with the laws and regulations pertaining recreational cannabis in California. If there’s anything we forgot to cover, please feel free to reach out. You can do so via Youtube or any of our social media pages. We ask that please take the time to subscribe to our channel that way you can keep up with the Hippys.

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