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Aug 12, 2021

Donny Burger (by: Sonoran Roots)

Donny Burger (by: Sonoran Roots)

Donny Burger
Genetics: GMO X Han Solo Burger
Breeder: Skunk House Genetics
Cultivator: Sonoran Roots
Find it at: TBD

The Donny Burger has been on my hit list since it first dropped here in the Valley. This strain was highly talked about before and long after its release. I knew there was something special about this strain not only because of how many people were talking about it online but the fact that it sold out shortly after its release. Therefore, I promised myself that no matter what I would make it my priority to go and grab this strain if it ever dropped again, and with my luck it came back. You can bet your last nug that I did not miss this drop. Sooo, let’s talk about this Donny Burger that Sonoran Roots whipped up.

Looks and Presentation

Donny Burger close up
Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Donny Burger was created by Skunk House Genetics, who are responsible for strains like Gello Banana and Disco Fries. She is a cross between GMO and Han Solo Burger and it definitely shows. Her bag appeal was off the charts for a strain that had little no purple features. The way the light greens were blended with the dark greens reminded me of a field of grass. Imagine sitting on a hill while the sun is rising or setting and looking over a grass field. As the sun moves so do its rays, causing the grass to turn different shades of green. In the spots that are well lit, the grass has this almost blinding light shining from the tips of the blades. That is the vibe I was getting from this Donny Burger. Sonoran Roots is another brand who’s stains I feel, deserve the fancy packaging. Other than that, I can definitely give this strain a 5 in the looks and presentation category.

Smell and Freshness

This strain was one of the first strains I could actually smell while it was in the plastic tubing that Ponderosa packages their weed in. While other strains that I have previously reviewed from there smelled a lot more like plastic than weed. Not Donny though, she smelled a lot like GMO. When I say a lot however, I do not mean that she was wreaking of GMO. She just smelled enough like sour garlic to have my taste buds fired up. The smell only got better as I broke the buds down, for the scent of garlic got more and more intense. Unlike a few of the other strains that I have recently grabbed from Pondy’s Copper Top selection, this bud was sticky but not too sticky. I feel like cure wise, this one was perfect. The strains before this one, I felt were too moist and needed a little bit more time to cure. Another well deserved 5 in the smell and freshness category for sure.


I didn’t get too much from flavor as I sparked the blunt but, after a few puffs I started to notice subtle hints of savory cream. It didn’t have as much of the GMO terps that I was hoping for but, as the session progressed those terps that I was seeking slowly became noticeable. By the time I got to the midway mark, I was hoping to have gotten a lot more than I was from the terpenes. At best, they were ok to say the least. They were nothing like what I was expecting them to be based on what I was reading online. For that, I couldn’t give this strain more that a 4 in the flavor category.

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates


All in all, the Donny Burger was cool in my opinion. The high was very nice and heady more than anything. As my session came to an end the flavor did start to pick up and my mouth was stained with the taste of GMO for some time after the blunt was gone. It definitely wasn’t what everyone was making it out to be online in my opinion. However, as I stated plenty of times in previous reviews, we are not the same. What does not work for me may work for you. What I do not consider amazing might rock your world. I do not write these reviews to keep you away from the products being reviewed. These reviews are written to give you something to think about as you are trying to make a purchasing decision. That way you can make the best purchase possible and be more than satisfied with your pick.

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