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Jul 7, 2020

Jungle Glaze (by: Tru Infusion)

Jungle Glaze (by: Tru Infusion)

Jungle Glaze

There is no denying that we were more than excited when we got our hands on this Jungle Glaze grown by Tru Infusion. After smoking about 95% of their lineup, we were anxiously waiting them to drop something new. We put in quite some time surfing the web for any information regarding this strain. With our luck, we weren’t able to find much. Honestly, we were only able to find the strains lineage and that it was part of Tru Infusion’s lineup. The cross between Legendary Key Lime Pie (GSC Sour Lime Cut) x GSC F2 was very intriguing. I once recall trying some Key Lime Pie. I believe it we smoked it during our first ever “Gas Pass” with Cez. Knowing the punch that sucker came with only left me to expect that the Jungle Glaze was going to be special.

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