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May 9, 2021

Orange Daiquiri (by: Grow Sciences)

Orange Daiquiri (by: Grow Sciences)

Pablos Revenge
Genetics: Animal Mints x Sherbert Cake
Breeder: Tiki Madman
Cultivator: Tru|Med
Find it at: Tru|Med

If you have never had a run in with a Tiki Madman stain then, you have no idea what you are missing. I honestly do not know how long Tiki has been breeding but I first got my introduction to him a couple of years ago. Here’s a heart breaking story depending on how you look at it. When I first got my introduction to Tiki it was because I wanted to do a raffle that would attract the growers. Therefore, I reached out to the madman to see if he would be willing to help me out. Like the giving soul he is, Tiki sent me about four packs of seeds with 10 seeds in each of them. A normal person would have realized the gold mine they just received and would have at least kept a pack or two for himself. Instead, my smart self went ahead and raffled off a couple packs and gave the other two to Grow Sciences. Every time I think about that, my body cringes but luckily we are starting to see Tikis work here in the Valley. Sooo, let’s talk about this Pablos Revenge. A blend between Animal Mints and Sherbert Cake that was bred Tiki and grown by Tru|Med.

Looks and Presentation

Photo taken by: Young Hippy

There is absolutely no denying that Tru|Meds flower always comes with some of the best bag appeal and Pablos Revenge was no less than stunning. The buds were so heavily coated in trichomes that they looked frosted. The colors alone were captivating to say the least. What stood out the most were the dark purple bud sights behind those bright fire orange hairs. It was hard to not think about the Phoenix Suns as I gazed at these buds beauty and I am a Lakers fan. I still think Tru should come up with some strain specific packaging or something with a little flair. Not saying buds like these need any special packaging to fly off shelves. I just feel that if there is any company out there other than GS who’s flower deserves the fancy packing, it is definitely Tru|Med. Either way, there was no way I could score this strain any less than a 5 in the looks and presentation category.


Once I cracked open the bag and took a whiff is when things started to take a turn. The first thing I noticed, was how floral this strain smelled while it was in the bag. Now this was my first encounter with this strain so, I really did not know what it was suppose to smell like. Based off the strains lineage however, I would think that floral is not it. After a little bit of air, I started to notice little hints of gas so I knew there was some potential. As I broke it down it started to smell like pepper mint. It was almost like I was opening a stick of gum instead of breaking down a nug of weed. Once finished, the only significant change I could notice was the sweet almost sugar like scents that it produced. All in all, the smell was pleasant but not robust. I could not score it any higher than a 3.8 in the smell category.

Photo taken by Jordyn Yates


Even when I sparked the blunt I got the taste of mint. It was not too strong, more like the taste left in your mouth after you brush your teeth. As I kept pulling on the blunt, I started getting very subtle hints of kush. Other than that, I was not getting much from the terpene department. That was not only uncharacteristic of Tru|Med but, for a Tiki strain as well. Every other Tiki Strain I have come across before this had a terpene profile to die for. I am not saying this was terrible at all just different and seeing as this was my first experience with it I did not know what to expect. I am hoping to see this strain on the shelves agin in the future so, I can give it another spin. In the meantime, I do not see why this strain should get any more than a 4 in the flavor department.


At this point, I felt that I smoked enough of the blunt to start judging the high. If I were to compare the high to anything else that Tru|Med has put out in the past then this for sure was not up to par. I am not saying it was terrible or the high was non existent but Tru|Med has a reputation of putting out high potency flower that leaves you speechless after consuming. I did not have that same reaction when I smoked this Pablos Revenge. For a minute I thought that it was going to creep up on me. There were times I would go light headed after a hit but, those were the hits where I was trying to smoke the whole blunt at once. By the time finished I was experiencing I nice relaxing body high with a very light head high. It is fair to say that the score for the high was a solid 3.5.

After looking at the scores, this round did not earn its Gas Pass. The reason I say this round is because I know we will see this strain again in the future. Even though this round did not earn the Gas Pass, does not mean this strain will noy work for you. All of our expectations are different and to be honest if I was the average smoker or I just started smoking cannabis of this caliber, then this write up would be completely different. Meaning, if you have just started smoking cannabis or dabbling in a tier higher than you normally do, then this strain will definitely do the trick for you. I am not counting this one out and if I see if on the shelf again I WILL PURCHASE IT. If you were able to try this strain out, let us know what you think via Instagram.

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