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Aug 18, 2020

Sticky Banana (by: Shango)

Sticky Banana (by: Shango)

Sticky Banana
Genetics: ?
Breeder: ?
Cultivator: Shango
Find it at: TBD

What is “Freedom of Speech” nowadays? I thought that as a citizen of the United States of America this right is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment. Yet, at times I do not feel my speech is as free as they say it is and I am sure you feel that way. I recently bought this Sticky Banana from Shango who’s been advertising some great looking products lately. I usually try to stay within my comfort zone and stick to brands I know for a fact put out nothing but products of the highest quality. However, with the market still being unbalanced in regards to high quality versus low quality, with low quality being the winner. I took a gamble and it came back to bite me pretty hard. Sooo, let’s talk about this Sticky Banana from Shango Cannabis. 


Out of all the categories, the presentation was the one that scored the lowest. For an 8th that cost $50.00 before taxes I expected to get more than popcorn in my mylar bag. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Hip if that came in a mylar bag, why did you still buy it after seeing it was popcorn?”. Well folks, I wish I had that chance except, the mylar bag the flower came in was black on both sides. That kept me from being able to see the contents inside and solely going off of what they had in the display jar. Is that the dispensary’s fault or Shango’s fault? Either way, I could not honestly give this strain more than a 1 out of 5 in the presentation category. 

Front of the bag
Back of the bag

Smell and Freshness

With the smell and freshness at least came a considerable amount of hope. In the bag, it had a very mild scent that consisted of sweet cream with a touch of those earthy kush notes. It really reminded me of a medicated banana cream pie or banana pudding. Even after breaking it down, the smell was still very mild but now had OG Kush vibes. As far as the freshness I mean, what really happened there? I am trying to figure out what goes wrong from the time the plant is harvested to the time it hits the shelf, for it to be as dry as this Sticky Banna. These were more like dehydrated bananas rather than sticky bananas if you asked me. In regards to this strain’s score in the smell and freshness category I give it a solid 2.5.


Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

As I sparked the blunt, I noticed very subtle hints of cream. There was also something a bit off about the taste that reminded me of mens aftershave or shaving cream.  As I continued smoking, I started to pick up light hints of OG Kush along with those awkward tasting terps getting stronger. By the end of the blunt, I got nothing more or less from the terps and for the price of this 8th I would expect more from it, the flavor for me was also 2.5.  


Out of all the categories the high was the highest scoring. By the time I was done, I could feel the effects of the strain mostly in my body. The head high was very mild, it was almost non-existent. Again for a strain priced at the point this one was, I expected it to pack more of a punch in every way. What I got compared to what I expected was like total opposites which leaves me to score this strain at 3 and no higher. 

After tallying up all the scores that leaves this Sticky Banana without its Gas Pass. How this even made it to the shelf it was on is beyond me but hey we can’t expect all these brands to do the right thing when it comes to pricing their product. The most we can do is continue to be honest with them and let them know when they are meeting expectations. I posted this strain on my story via Instagram simply stating that Shango could do better after seeing what I purchased. Shortly after doing so, my Instagram was deactivated and I am now going through a very long and painful process of getting it back. In the meantime, I will continue to do my part in holding these brands accountable for putting out the product they advertise not only on social media but in local magazines as well. I hope to see you doing your part as well, let’s work together and clean up the industry that us a the consumers control. 

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