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Apr 27, 2021

Wedding Crashers (by: Tru|Med)

Wedding Crashers (by: Tru|Med)

Wedding Crashers
Genetics: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch
Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics
Cultivator: Tru|Med
Can be found at: Tru|Med

With the lack of new strains hitting the shelves lately, it’s been refreshing to see grows like Tru|Med coming with consistent drops. It wasn’t until one of my recent experiences that I started to understand what growers mean when they say they are working to get a strain “dialed in”; in my mind, I figure strains that are dropped are already at their best. That was until I smoked some of Tru|Med’s Wedding Crasher, a near balanced (55% sativa, 45% indica) cross of Wedding Cake x Purple Punch. Don’t get me wrong, it got the job done, but some areas need refining. So, let’s talk about. 


 There is no denying, this strain looked fantastic. The buds were mainly composed of vibrant greens with flecks of violet. The trichomes were so clear that the green behind gave them a glowing effect. The addition of fiery orange hairs created an exotic look that was highly impressive. Presentation wise, this strain earned nothing less than a 5/5. 


Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

The smell is where I started to worry. In the bag, the scent was very mild, consisting of sweet and creamy notes, which I figured was the result of being in the bag for some time. I let the bag sit open for about five minutes to introduce some oxygen. After letting it sit and breaking it down, I was still only getting mild hints of sweet cream. Unfortunately, the aromas did not get any stronger. For this reason, I felt it was fair to give the smell a 3.5/5.


As I rolled the blunt, I was hoping that my spirits would at least be lifted from the high and terpene profile. After a few tokes, the terps became noticeable. Once present, every hit was either sweet, creamy, or both; but those terps were light, just like the smell, and didn’t really linger like previous Tru|Med strains. With the well-known Caryophyllene being Wedding Crasher’s most dominant terpene, I was hoping to at least get a hint of it, but that wasn’t the case. Along with the fact the intensity of the terps were decent at best, I had to rate the flavor a 3.5/5, as well. 


Where this strain lacked in smell and flavor, it made up with the high. At first, I had my doubts, because it wasn’t as potent as I was hoping for up front. As time passed, though, the high increased. What started off as a light euphoric feeling turned into a blanket of relaxation. I was a walking bag of pure bliss, and all my worries about this strain had faded away. I definitely give the high a solid 5/5. 

 All things considered, Wedding Crasher did not receive the Gas Pass on this run; but If Tru|Med releases this strain again in the future, I would be more than happy to give it another go. I understand not all strains are grown to their full potential on the first try, which is the true definition of “dialing it in.” I have my fingers crossed I’ll see a new and improved version of Wedding Crasher on their menu in the near future.  

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