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Apr 8, 2021

What are PGRs?

What are PGRs?

Alien Ghost OG
Genetics: ?
Breeder: ?
Cultivator: Big Bud Farms
Find it at: TBD

Why are PGRs Dangerous?

 With patients becoming more aware and more alarmed about the harms of plant growth regulators, there are studies surfacing showing the adverse health issues that are linked to the effects of using cannabis grown with PGRs. Some of the harshest critics have said that consuming cannabis or cannabis-based products exposed to PGRs during their growing cycle, have higher risks of liver damage, cancer, and infertility. Why is that? I feel the only way to truly get the answer, or even try to understand these effects, is to break down the chemicals that make up PGRs.

  • Ancymidol – Ancymidol is a tertiary alcohol that is methanol in which the hydrogens attached to the carbon are replaced by cyclopropyl, p-methoxyphenyl and pyrimidin-5-yl groups. By inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, ancymidol reduces plant growth, resulting in reduced internode elongation and thus more compact plants.
  • Chlormequat Chloride – Chlormequat chloride is an organic chloride salt comprising equal numbers of chlormequat and chloride ions. A gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitor, it is used as a plant growth retardant to produce plants with sturdier, thicker stalks, facilitating the harvesting of ornamental flowers and cereal crops.
  • Daminozide – Daminozide is a systemic growth regulator registered for use on ornamentals, including potted chrysanthemums and poinsettias, and bedding plants in enclosed structures such as greenhouses, shade houses and interiorscapes.
  • Ethephon – A plant-growth regulator that increases rate of ripening of plants by promoting release of ethylene, stimulates rubber latex formation; ripening of sugarcane; flowering agent for pineapple; color enhancer.
  • Flurprimidol – is registered for use on ornamental plants to reduce internode elongation and reduce trimming frequency.
  • Paclobutrazol – a fungicide that is often used not to kill fungi, but to slow down top growth on plants.
  • Uniconazole – Substances used for preventing, destroying or mitigating pests.

How to Spot Cannabis Grown with PGRs.

You honestly do not need to be a “weed expert” to tell if your cannabis has been grown with PGRs. One of the main give aways, if you will, are the rock hard buds. Yes, the ones that sound like you emptied a box of rocks onto your rolling tray. Not to mention, the dark brown hairs covering the bud’s surface and little to no scent should set off the panic alarm. Let us not forget the most important feature of all: the trichomes. Trichomes are the microscopic crystals that usually coat the buds and leaves. They act as resin glands and are extremely important when it comes to the benefits of cannabis. Without the presence of the trichome, the medicinal purpose of the cannabis plant is non-existent.

To paint a picture, think about Christmas time. As you walk into the store, they have all those poinsettias out on display. Now think about how identical those flowers look to one another. I also want you to think about how absolutely perfect those plants look for the conditions they are in. It is a high possibility that they have been grown with PGRs.

 “HIGH TIMES doesn’t approve the use of PGRs on cannabis. These compounds are dangerous in high doses, and have untold effects at low, chronic amounts long-term.”

We are not certain that Big Bud Farms is using PGRs in their growing practices. Based off experience and research, we feel that some sort of PGR was used while growing these strains. Seeing as my suspicions were way too high, I at least tried the MAC. After just a few puffs, finishing the blunt was not an option for me. The flavors were off and for someone who has a love for MAC as I do, I know that strain like the back of my hand. I can admit that MAC is a dense bud when you look at it. However, they still have that “fox tail” structure and when you break down an 8th of MAC you get just that. With this MAC not only were the buds rock hard but, they also did not have that fox tail look. Breaking the buds down was a mission alone. By the time I broke my eighth down, I had enough to roll a Swisher sized Backwood. That alone is the reason I decided not to smoke the Alien Ghost OG. Instead, I felt like it was important for me to at least do my part on educating you all on PGR’s.


“Plant growth regulators — helps to control the growth of plants. In cannabis, these are a cheap additive used to fatten up buds to increase both weight and density, and hence inflate the price to deceive unwitting consumers.” PGR Weed is Risky and Here’s How To Spot It. (2020, October 26). Retrieved April 08, 2021, from

“Growers use these chemicals, sometimes unknowingly, to promote the short, stocky growth that’s favorable indoors.” Says, P. (2018, April 04). What Are PGR’s and Why Are They In My Weed? Retrieved April 08, 2021, from

Says, P. (2018, April 04). What Are PGR’s and Why Are They In My Weed? Retrieved April 08, 2021, from

Genetics: Alien Cookies x Columbiean x Starfighter
Breeder: Capulator
Cultivator: Big Bud Farms
Find it at: TBD

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