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Jul 31, 2021

White Truffle (by: Potent Planet)

White Truffle (by: Potent Planet)

White Truffle
Genetics: Gorilla Butter F2
Breeder: BeLeaf Cannabis
Cultivator: Potent Planet
Find it at: TBD

Before we dive into this review, let me thank all the cultivators out there putting in countless hours to not only perfect their craft but share it with the cannabis community. As I sit here and reminisce about my first encounter with the White Truffle, I can not help but feel anything other than grateful to have smoked such an AMAZING strain. It was so good that it easily made its way into my top five, maybe top three favorite strains of all time. What made this strain one hundred times better, was the fact that it was grown by the very super talented team over at Potent Planet. Sooo, let’s talk about this immaculate White Truffle!

Smell and Freshness

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

White Truffle is a Gorilla Butter F2 pheno. Gorilla butter is a cross between Peanut Butter Breath and Original Glue (formally known as GG4). This marvelous cross was bred by the one and only BeLeaf Cannabis and in my opinion, should go down in the Cannabis Hall of Fame. From the moment I opened the Jar, my entire house smelled of sweet cream and gas. There was no arguing that this strain was a peanut butter cross. The sweet and creamy smell of toasted nuts took me to the heavens alone. The buds were perfectly dry and some of the best hang time I have encountered here on the Gas Pass. Breaking it down left my house smelling like a grow room. Everything about this strain’s smell and freshness was screaming fives.


Not only was this strain one of the most delightful ones I have ever smelled but, it was without a doubt one of the most elegant looking strains that has crossed my path. The amount of trichomes that covered the buds made it almost impossible to see any color other than the dark purples and red hairs that stuck out like a sore thumb. However, after further analyzing I noticed there were some very vibrant mint green hues lost in that sea of trichomes. This weed was captivating to say the least, so much that I really had to talk myself into breaking it down and rolling it up. If there was such a thing as “collectors weed”, this would for sure be it. Another well deserved five in the presentation category.


The taste was in a league of its own. It was loaded with sweet and creamy gas. You would think that for a strain as rich in cream as this one, the smoke would be smooth. However, that was not the case with this Truffle, as the smoke was setting my insides on fire in a virgin stoner kind of way. As I made my way further down the blunt, I started to notice the fresh and piney taste of kush. The trifecta of cream, gas and kush made one the best smoking experiences I have ever encountered. The fact that it was followed by a memory wiping high was a plus for me. Another solid five in not only the taste but the high.

That leaves us with basically a perfect strain and I couldn’t agree more. This was the true definition of home run, no I take that back. This was the definition of a Grand Slam which Potent Planet delivers more times than not. I would definitely put Potent Planet in my top ten, maybe top 5 cannabis brands in the US. They always deliver not only consistency but quality time and time again making them more than reliable when shopping for that gas. Check them out if you have not yet and if you have, look for this post on Instagram and let us know which strain is your favorite from Potent Planet.

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