Jul 22, 2021



WAP packaging.
Genetics: Cheetah Piss x Project 4516
Breeder: LIT FARMS
Cultivator: ?
Find it at: Jardin

It seems like with the passing of recreational cannabis in some states, morals and authenticity have been thrown out; along with good quality and affordable products. The relationship between the patient and the budtender has become little to non-existent. What was once a reliable and happy trip to the dispensary now feels like an interaction with a car salesman. In turn, what do we do? We hurry up and buy the highest testing and most expensive item they offer because the budtender tells you. What happened to the time where the budtender actually did more work than grabbing the highest testing products? What happened to the budtender that asked us questions to find us the perfect product? This “WAP” that we purchased from Jardin was one of the worst we’ve made so, let’s talk about it. 

Freshness & Presentation

Picture taken by: Jordyn Yates

Jardin is located in Vegas. They took home the award for best dispensary two years in a row at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards. After making multiple purchases from their shop, I started to thinking, “Is this really the best Las Vegas has to offer”? They let us down almost every single time we visited. Our experience with the WAP was the final straw. We promised we would not step foot in their dispensary for a while. I definitely did not think this was WAP. If it was, it was some outdoor. That part is most irritating not because it’s outdoor but, the fact that on it was labeled indoor. The presentation was less than appealing and was as fresh as a stale loaf of bread. This strain has received the lowest scores we have ever given. We gave it a 1 and that’s only because the packaging was nice.

Smell & Freshness

Not only did it look old, it smelled old as well. When opening the bag, we immediately noticed the scent of old kush. The buds smelled ancient. Once they were removed from the bag the smell only went downhill. If it was not old then it was for sure poorly handled. I guess we will never know since the packaging date was nowhere to be found. However, the nose knows and this nose knew from the gate that this strain was not the one. This by far was the worst smelling weed we have ever reviewed. I could not give this strain no more than a 1 in the smell category. 

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates


Have you ever stashed some weed away and forgot about it? Then, by the time you find it a year has gone by. You know you shouldn’t smoke it but curiosity gets the best of you. Therefore, you smoke it anyway. I can only imagine that going one of two ways. You either stored it right and over time the only hit it took was moisture loss. Or, the weed was terribly stored and lost every bit of what made you stash it in the first place. The taste of this WAP was just terrible. Anyone who has smoked stale weed knows exactly what I am talking about. It was hard for me to score the flavor because it was that bad but if i had to, I would it a .5 out of 5 in the flavor department. 

The Conclusion

If this strain had one positive, it was that the high was decent at best. I was high enough to feel a buzz but for what it was priced at, I do not feel like I was high enough. Other than that, this strain was a complete bust. I mean, if you are going to put buds in a bag that look like they have been sat on. Then, you can not be charging full price for them just because the bag is nice. For an award winning dispensary, I expect better from them. If you have one, tell us about your experience at Jardin. Head to our Instagram and send us a direct message, we would love to hear about it. 

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