Aug 25, 2022

Wedding Cake (by: Gas Pump Farms)

Wedding Cake (by: Gas Pump Farms)

Lineage: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints
Breeder: Seed Junky
Cultivator: Gas Pump Farms
Find It At: Sticky Saguaro

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is one of my favorite strains . The terpene profile is divine and can vary depending on the cultivar. It usually tastes like sweet, vanilla cream. Some cuts can be extremely gassy. The effects can vary as well depending on the consumer. For me, I usually feel a pretty mellow buzz. It makes me feel extremely relaxed. It usually always motivates me to complete tasks that I have been procrastinating for a while. Therefore, we should talk about what made this cake so special.

Looks & Presentation

Wedding Cake Photo by: Jordyn Yates

The buds were rich in trichomes. It was amazing how thick the coat was. The colors were extremely captivating as the buds consisted mainly of a light green. In some areas I saw hints of dark green. In others, I could see the dark purple. One of my features this strain possessed were vibrant orange hairs that looked to be strategically placed on the buds. The presentation of this product was very pleasing, and could confidently give this strain a 5 in that category.

Smell & Freshness

The smell this cake possessed was pure gas. I don’t think I ever had a Wedding Cake that was as gassy as this one. It did possess those vanilla cream notes yet, they were very subtle and definitely overpowered by the fuel. With every whiff came the almost impossible task of keeping the saliva in my mouth. This batch wasn’t as dry as the Sour Strawberry Pie #7 I had from them. The cure was as perfect as the smell. Mouth watering aromas to say the least and good enough to earn it a 5 in this category.


The flavors were magical. They consisted mainly of gas however, like the smell there were very subtle hints of sweet vanilla cream. With every hit, those flavors were amplified. I was loving the amount of gassy terpenes I was getting from it. I know there are a lot of people that don’t really care for that flavor profile. That’s why I think that this strain right here is perfect. The sweetness you get from the vanilla cream definitely mellows the gassiness out. After I finished the blunt, the flavor was all I could think about. Hours after finishing, I could still taste the terps as well. All in all, the flavor is more than satisfying. It is also more than deserving of the 5 I gave it in that category.


Wedding Cake Photo by: Jordyn Yates

The high on this cake was perfect. It was neither overbearing nor light. With every hit, it felt as if my worries no longer existed. I was feeling pure joy and motivated to complete the rest of the tasks I had set for that day. Long after the blunt, I could still feel the effects of this strain. The desire to rest didn’t come until long after the blunt was gone. I got the exact push I needed for my day to be as successful as it was. There was no way I could give this strain anything but a 5 in that category.

Gas or Pass

It should be obvious at this point that this strain possessed everything it needed to earn its Gas Pass. For the price of $50.00 before tax, I would say that this batch is worth every penny. I know that at times we have to think twice about spending that kind of money on cannabis. However, I am here to tell you that there is no doubt that you will get your bang for your buck.

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