Oct 31, 2021

Yahemi (by Grandiflora Genetics)

Yahemi (by Grandiflora Genetics)

Yahemi up close
Genetics: Melonatta x Project 4515
Breeder: Grandiflora Genetics
Cultivator: Oakfruitland Farms
Find it at: TBD

Since I first became aware of Grandiflora Genetics, I made it a mission to get anything they grew in my lungs. My first encounter was with the Wild Thornberrys which was a walk-off grand slam. It was so good enough to make its way into my top 10 list. In my mind, I was thinking that every strain they produce would be as godly as that one. Well, I am here to tell you that, that is not the case. Since the Gas Pass came into play, I rank personally rank brands on consistency. After my first run in with Grandi, I already had my mind made up that these guy were the real deal. It was the moment I saw and grabbed the Yahemi that my mind instantly changed. Sooo, let’s talk about it.

Yahemi up close
Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Looks and Presentation

Let me just start off by sayin that as I write this review I mean absolutely no disrespect to the dispensary or Grandiflora. I only aim to bring awareness to the consumer which does not require me dragging anyone through the mud. The looks on the Yahemi were immaculate! They were definitely the highlight of the entire strain. The buds were nice and green with a very heavy trichome presence. There was a nice amount of bright amber hairs that really stood in front of the greens. I could honestly give the looks and presentation a 5 out of 5.


Now as I am rummaging through every strain this dispensary has to offer, I come across the Grandi Section. Now the selection wasn’t the biggest, as a matter of fact I believe they only had three. Those were the Yadada, Grandi Guava and this Yahemi. As I am talking to the bud tender, he does advise me that the Yahemi was pretty old and that if we bought any other Grandi strain we could get the Yahemi for $10.00 plus tax. Now ladies and gentlemen, if you do not know what a red flag looks like in the cannabis industry low and behold. Why would this $65.00 almost $75 8th only cost me $10 plus tax when buying another strain?

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

Smell and Freshness

The reason is because when the bud tender said it was old, he definitely meant it. On the day I purchased this batch, it was one month away from being packaged and shelved for a year. The $10 started to make a lot of sense now especially when I opened the package. The smell of old weed literally jumped from the bag as if it were happy to be finally be let free. I imagine it felt the same way Genie felt when Aladdin first rubbed his lamp. The smell was disappointing and I knew the moment I got a whiff of it I was not going to be too excited about the rest of my findings. The smell freshness was a 0 for me and that my friends is a first for me.


As far as the taste, it was just as bad as the smell. I honestly do not know what is worse, the smell or taste of old weed. You know the smell of burning grass? You may notice it sometimes in your neighborhood. It’s pretty common for people to use blow torches to eliminate weeds in their yards. Next, imagine what that smell would taste like and you’d basically be smoking this batch of Yahemi. I know I was smoking weed but based on the taste I felt as if I was just eating the smoke from a smoker and not the actual food. ]I will say that by the end there were very and I mean very, subtle hints of what I can describe as Gelato. For that, I can at least give this strain a 1 in the flavor category.

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